The Stable Sessions

Johnny recorded The Stable Sessions with Bill Shanley on guitars and James Blennerhasset on double bass. Johnny has included some hits like “Those Brown eyes” and “The Shores Of Amerikay” along with some oldies from his vast repertoire of songs like “Sammy’s bar” and “Peggy Gordon”. He has also included a couple of new songs like “Warmth Of Her Arms” a song about emigration and our pick here at Trad Nua “Never smelt The Roses” a song that is sure to strike a chord with everyone in this very busy world that we live in today.

And what did you dream my love my love that keeps you now from sleeping
I heard the soldiers on the stairs, in foreign tongues they're speaking...

The Ballad Of Anne Frank by Johnny McEvoy

New Video
Johnny McEvoy "Crazy Horse"

This Song was inspired by a movie called ‘Chief Crazy Horse.’ The song tells of the last moments in the life of this great Native American Warrior.